Once your application has been accepted by the doctoral school, you can register and thereby complete the admission process.


Two registrations must be carried out: you must register both at the doctoral school that accepted your application and at an institution of higher education and research. These two registrations must be renewed each year.
Doctoral studies are broken down into academic years: a Doctoral student who first registers in March of year "Y" completes the first year of his/her doctoral studies in September of year Y; the student must then re-register at the beginning of the academic year of year Y to pursue his/her studies during the Y/Y+1 academic year.


Registration with your doctoral school


Create your online dossier or file via SIGED by entering the requested information in order to proceed with your course registration as a doctoral student:
► First-year doctoral students already registered at the University Claude Bernard Lyon1 (UCBL)
1) After having obtained your thesis supervisor’s approval, request a SIGED access code from your doctoral school providing them with a professional valid e-mail address for this purpose. The information you need in order to be able to connect to SIGED will be sent to you at this address.
2) Connect to the SIGED application at the following address: https://siged.universite-lyon.fr using the access code you have received by e-mail.
► More details [DOC - 137 Ko]
► Enrolling for the second year and more of a doctoral course
1) Connect to the SIGED application at the following address: https://siged.universite-lyon.fr using the access code you received by e-mail last year.
→ In case you lost it, contact: sos.siged@universite-lyon.fr

2) When connected to the SIGED :
1.Select “Réinscrire”
2.Verify the exactness of the pre-filled information
3.Complete or modify the information if necessary
► More details [DOC - 107 Ko]


Administrative registration


You will receive an email inviting you to register at your selected institution partnered with the doctoral school. You will receive by the post the detailed registration procedure, as well as your registration deadline.
Each year, you must pay your PhD registration fees to your institution. The amount of these fees is fixed each year by Ministerial Order. For information purposes, these fees amounted to around €380 for the 2012/2013 academic year (fees may vary by a dozen euros among the various institutions). You may also have to pay €5 for "preventive health coverage", as well as optional fees for athletic activities.
The date on which you pay your first year registration fees marks the beginning of your doctoral studies. In other words, you will have 3 years starting from this date to complete your PhD.
► Registration at Claude Bernard Lyon1 University (UCBL1)
► Registration at INSA

Your registration is valid for the duration of the academic year, from 1st October to 30th of September of the following year. This registration must be renewed each year. To renew your registration following the 3rd year, you must provide at the minimum a reasoned opinion by your thesis director. Additional requirements may be imposed by your doctoral school.