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To apply for a doctorate

You want to apply for a doctorate and you are a foreign applicant. The following pages are designed to help you with many practical issues that may arise in the context of your international mobility & doctoral studies.

You will find below all the information you might need for this purpose:

1) How to apply

You can apply to enter the PhD programme in the same manner as a French citizen. However, if you do not hold a master's degree, you must demonstrate that you hold an equivalent degree that has allowed you to acquire research training. Your training program must be in accordance with your PhD project.

2) Identify a doctorate subject

To identify a doctorate subject, a doctorate supervisor and a laboratory
Please contact the laboratories affiliated to the doctoral school:

2) To find a financial aid

The financial support for a PhD thesis corresponds to its research work. The minimum is 1200 €. In most of the cases, your research team will help you to find a funding.

3) To prepare your application form

Once the thesis subject is known as well as the supervisor and the financing found, you can submit your application file to the doctoral school. This one decides then on the admissibility of your application on educational criteria (level and motivation of the candidate, the availability of the supervision), on materials (amount of funding, means for the research works) administrative (required diplomas), in particular on the basis of the decree of May 25th, 2016. [PDF - 236 Ko]

The application files must be uploaded via SIGED (system of information and management of the doctoral schools) by means of the identifier which was given to you and by completing the fields of tabs "cursus", "Program", "Thesis" and "Founding". So that the application form is complete, it is imperative to upload under the tab:

-The copy of the diploma or the certificate of Master's degree (or equivalent) 
-All the grade sheets of the university program ( licence+master )
-The Curriculum vitae (tab "Other documents")

-"Thesis": besides the compulsory fields
Possible Co-supervisors of the PhD student
In fields "comité de suivi", name and email of the scientific expert of the committee proposed by the PhD supervisor.

Proof of income (certificate of employment, …)

-"Additional documents"
The training contract based on the available form here in word [DOCX - 94 Ko] and here in pdf format [PDF - 471 Ko]. Read beforehand the note here [PDF - 481 Ko].
The PhD thesis charter of the concerned establishment cosigned by the PhD student, the supervisor and the director of laboratory
In the case of a contract CIFRE or a thesis in co-supervising, the signed contract.

4) Enrolment to a PhD thesis

If your application is accepted by the doctoral school, you can begin the registration via SIGED (system of information and management of the doctoral schools) by means of the identifier which was given to you.
The registration in doctorate is twofold: with the doctoral school and with the institution of higher education and research related to the doctoral school and connected to your doctorate supervisor (Ecole Centrale de Lyon or Institut National des Sciences Appliquées de Lyon or Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1).
It is also with this institution that you will pay every year your registration fees. The first payment of these registration fees signs the beginning of your doctorate. Concretely, it means that you will have in principle 36 full-time months from this date to realize your doctorate.